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VMC is proud to offer the services of over 50 providers, working together to help you Be Well. Whether you need care for your child, your feet, your asthma, your heart or just need a check-up, VMC’s providers are here to help.


New patients may call Patient Coordinator Brittney Buckmaster at 738-7528 to learn about insurances accepted and other preliminary information.

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Convenient prescriptions!

VMC is pleased to offer Boyd’s Pharmacy, right here in the clinic. The next time you see your doctor and have a new or refill prescription, have the order sent to Boyd’s for convenient pick-up.


VMC job openings

Join the VMC team!
Clinical Laboratory Scientist. VMC’s laboratory utilizes sophisticated technology and is highly rated for its accuracy and professionalism.


Careers with VMC

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Visalia Unified students take a tour of VMC

Mt. Whitney High School Academy of Health Science students poured from buses and were escorted through various clinical and ancillary departments at VMC.

Students were able to meet with providers and staff from VMC and see behind the scenes of the departments and practices.

Students interacted and asked questions as they received up-close instructions and demonstrations regarding prosthesis and physical therapy in orthopedics, Ultra- sound images, MRIs and CT scans in radiology, diabetes education and blood sugar levels, proper foot care in podiatry
and more.

How is Diabetes connected with Heart Health?

The longer a person has diabetes, the more damage is being done to the vessels.  Our blood vessels carry glucose (blood sugar) and also carry blood fats or lipids (cholesterol).  If a person has diabetes and heart disease in their family history, the chances of developing both diseases is greater.

We know ways we can control the blood sugars.  Taking appropriate medications as prescribed by the healthcare providers, making healthy choices in foods and eating appropriate portions of food both contribute to better blood sugar control.  But don’t forget two of the most important factors to control blood sugars:  daily physical activity and weight loss (if necessary).

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VMC's Health

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National Family Wellness Month

We all strive to find the right balance of work and family. May is National Family Wellness Month, so during this month of rejuvenation, take some time to make small changes to your life that may very well have long lasting effects on you and your family.

Here are a few simple ways to put you and your family first.

  • Remove one sugary drink from the day, dinner for example, substitute your juice or soda with water.
  • Enjoy a board game after dinner or work off your meal with a game of charades.
  • Use your slower cooker for tonight’s meal and take a pre-dinner walk.
  • Shed the stress and find something you can all laugh about.
  • Snack up! Switch out the chips and artificial snacks with prepackaged healthy snacks for the whole family for the whole week, like banana chips, carrots, fruit salad, edamame, snap peas, cheese, nuts, raisins, apples, etc.
  • Clean up after meals together.
  • Make time for breakfast together.
  • Turn off the television and open the family room to conversation.

Meet VMC’s Family Medicine physicians:
Robert Allen, MD
Ben Brennan, MD
Juanita Castellano, RN, NP
Angelina Mallari, MD
Raul A. Perez, MD
Alex C. Torres, MD


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Healthy alternatives for diabetics

Mediterranean Breakfast Sandwiches





Diabetes expertise

VMC is pleased to have a nationally certified Diabetes Educator available to help our patients understand and manage their diabetes. Learn more about Susan Smith, Ph.D., here.

FIND a Provider

VMC offers over 50 physicians in a wide variety of specialties. Let us help you find the physician who is right for you.

Fun Fitness


Walk with a Doc - 8-9 am Healthy Visalia Committee holds its "Just Walk" program at Riverway Sports Park, 3611 N. Dinuba Blvd. Every 2nd Saturday of the month through
December. Click here

Lifestyle Center Walking Program

Location: Visalia
Mall-Food Court
When: Mon. through Fri.

Time: 9:00 a.m.
Cost: FREE


    Get It Checked
    A schedule of check-ups and age-approriate screenings for men and women.